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We offer specialist expertise to deliver, modernise and scale your organisation's digital services.

Underpinned by , BigByte Digital provide security conscious enterprise software development and delivery solutions which are helping transform public sector organisations, the right way.

Bespoke Software Engineering

BigByte Digital deliver a full range of software development services to the public sector – from enterprise software, web and mobile app development to innovation prototyping, embedded systems and data.

We developed our to focus on user value, transparency and rapid results - to give you complete trust that we're doing what's right for you and your users.

Our Agile and lean practices allow us to embrace continuously evolving requirements, revise plans, update designs and rapidly deliver software to better meet your user's needs as they change in an unpredictable world.

BigByte Digital's perfect mix of talented full-stack Engineers and Specialists have experience applying hundreds of technologies, frameworks, databases and languages to solving Enterprise-scale challenges utilising Cloud services, on-prem and custom devices.

BigByte Digital have the expertise to help you

Develop mission-critical digital solutions at scale with complex, undefined and evolving requirements while integrating perfectly with your existing services.

Modernise applications and services to be Cloud native, reduce cost, increase user value and scale as your organisation grows.

Create Minimum Viable Products (MVP), innovation and prototyping to help your organisation rapidly test assumptions and amplify learning.

Obtain specialist development expertise from Agile Coaching, Testing and Automation to UX Design, front-end and backend development.

Break away from Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) products that aren't evolving with your needs.

Our delivery team lead you through each phase of digital service development from understanding your problem space to running live services.

Agile and lean are the beating heart of our organisation and our approach to delivering quality digital services is no different.

Digital Service Delivery

We're able to use our experience of working across public sector organisations to help you clarify your problem and maximise value for your users.


We work closely with your teams and users to understand the problems you face in depth and test assumptions through prototypes.

We create the system and UX designs, roadmaps and strategy to transform your organisation through digital services.


Once we truly understand your problem and have developed solutions, we help you create a minimal beta service (MVP) to rapidly gather feedback, reduce risk and test product fit.

We continue to develop your services to become live for a wider audience, where we adapt, scale and support your users needs.


Coaching and developing people is a huge part of our culture and one of our . This extends to your organisation too. We seek to study your ways of working and help your teams transition to better and modern development practices.

Our idea of success is through sustainable digital transformation by mentoring your teams to grow live services, learn agile principles and develop new skills.


Going live means we've created a secure, reliable, accessible and sustainable service for your users, but we can't just stop there.

We continue to respond to insights, metrics and the changing environment to evolve your service to maintain the high security and quality standards we hold ourselves to.

You're safe in the knowledge that we're always here when you need us.

Aligned operations and development breeds quality, speed and accuracy.

Through DevOps, BigByte Digital synchronise our product development lifecycle to our agile philosophy. We are able to bake in security, reliability, rapid delivery and quality by tightening the loop between planning, development live and user feedback.

Our delivery team are also experienced in delivery methodologies such as a Prince 2 and MSP, so we know where we can add value through coaching and refining. When working with our delivery managers, you can expect a collaborative, empathic, and honest experience with your organisation's best interest at heart.


BigByte Digital are specialists in Cloud technologies and partners with leading Cloud providers.

We fully support the UK Government's Cloud First policy and we know how crucial proper utilisation of Cloud services are to guaranteeing successful digital transformation in an increasingly complex world of technology.

Whether you're looking to migrate legacy systems from ageing infrastructure, develop prototypes or scale your current services; BigByte Digital know how to get the most out of leading Cloud providers to suit your needs.

Cloud provides several advantages with direct benefit to your organisation and services:

Reduced costs by only paying for what you need when your services need it. Cloud native services realise huge cost savings.

Secure and hardened infrastructure reducing organisational and user risk.

Performant and scalable based on demand, exactly what you need, when you need it.

Reduce waste from unused and expensive self-managed infrastructure, and reduce the cost that comes with it.

Reliable globally available, guaranteed infrastructure with elasticity built in, so you know your mission critical services are always available to your users.

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Whether integrated as part of your wider service offering or standalone, there's no denying that mobile apps are crucial to interacting with your organisation's users.


BigByte Digital's passion for delivering best-in-class products and services extend to native, web and hybrid mobile app development across Android and iOS.

We can help you modernise legacy apps, provide user experience design, integrate with your existing digital infrastructure and support your growth into the future.

Our team know how to bring the best experience to your users and get the most out of mobile devices to rapidly deliver secure apps using modern frameworks and technologies.

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