Deliver extraordinary digital services with positive impact on our clients, our people and the world.

That's our mission.

Through technology, we have the opportunity to transform the way we live, work, and interact with our environment.

BigByte Digital can help you achieve transformative and lasting change through digital solutions which increase the pace, confidence and scale at which your organisation can operate.

We pride ourselves on being an ethical business. To us, this means actively zeroing our carbon emissions, giving back to society and creating an environment where our people can be their best selves and have a positive impact on society.

Our Values

For values to really count, there must be a trade off. Our value's aren't just for show, they impact every decision we make.

Each value is a compromise (“We do X over Y”), to make sure we really understand the importance of our actions and keeps us true to our word.

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We are a Team

We hire the right people over rapidly scaling up at the cost of culture.

Together, we are more than the sum of our parts.

We believe happy, safe and empowered people bring their passion and best selves to work. Equality matters. Our success is entirely dependent on the success of everyone in our team.

Our care of people elevates beyond our work, we are utterly passionate about shaping a more sustainable world and providing others with the opportunities we have had. We put our money where our mouth is by providing useful, human-centric benefits.

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We Always Do What Will Deliver Customer Happiness

We serve the customers evolving interests at all times rather than rigidly sticking to the Plan A.

The real bottom line for us is delivering brilliant solutions to the people we serve, and we prioritise that over profit every time.

We make products and tools for humans to use and love. Everything we produce should be a joy to use and make life as easy as possible for our users.

We optimise, we test, we improve, we repeat rather than leaving something as just “good enough”. Good software is intuitive makes you forget it’s there.

Our customers, users and clients at every level deserve our very best. We don’t cut corners and we don’t deliver half-baked.

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We Use The Cutting Edge Sensibly

We use the right tool at the right time and understand the bigger picture rather than defaulting to the shiny new thing.

We approach every challenge with absolute curiosity to encourage meaningful change, push boundaries and improve continuously.

We’re lovers of the bleeding edge, so we love to use the latest and greatest technology where it makes sense, but we’ll only do so when we’re 100% sure it’s the right thing to do, rather than taking unnecessary risks with our clients work.

Every project is different, so there’s no one-size fits all. Be agile, lean and human-centered in everything we do.

We must embrace the unknown, evolve together and innovate to have the greatest impact on our mission.

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We Level Everyone Up

We take time to learn and share knowledge over racing forward for self-gain.

We take every opportunity to learn something new and make the journey we’ve been on easier for everyone else to follow, rather than pulling the ladder up behind us.

We recognise success in others before ourselves and elevate those who are less fortunate.

We document, we talk, we experiment.

We use the “winning the lottery” test to make sure that one person’s knowledge is the team’s knowledge and our clients.

We share our expertise with everyone who’ll listen and soak up whatever we can from those around us.

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We are Manchester

We give more back to society than we take, even if it delays our goals.

We’re products of the North West and its tech scene, and we want to make sure we’re giving back to the community that gave so much for us, rather than taking everything we can get.

We set aside our ambition to pay forward our privilege and strive to make a difference.

Whether that’s mentoring, recruitment, or other social value initiatives, we’re Manchester through and though. Pass us a Bucket Hat.

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Be kind. Be honest. Be transparent.

Have the challenging conversations, no matter how difficult, over holding back to save face.

Our care for people doesn't stop with our own, we bring the same integrity and respect to our clients.

We earn and nurture trust by demonstrating real value, sharing our expertise, and being as open with our clients as we are with ourselves.

When everyone can be the best version of themselves we can unleash true creativity for lasting impact and partnerships.

Our people are our business, and their happiness, wellbeing and growth is central to how we operate.

Our core values guide us to be the best we can be for our clients and society, we're constantly adapting them. If you don't think we're getting it right, we .

We are strictly zero tolerance on bullying, harassment, victimisation and discrimination by or toward fellow employees, customers, suppliers, visitors and the public.

A Sustainable Company

Lead by example in Manchester's ambition to reach Net-Zero by 2038.

BigByte Digital are committed to supporting Manchester City Council in achieving its aim to become a smart city by 2026 and to reach net-zero by 2038. We are deeply invested in making our new digital environment accessible for all Manchester residents, which is why social value is at the heart of our business model.

Our business, people and values align to ensure we create lasting change to public services and the world we live in, sustainability is at the heart of every decision we make.

We believe it is in our power to make the world a better place and pride ourselves on being an ethical business. For us, doing everything we can to tackle climate change and actively add social value is at the heart of our business model.

To show we are serious about sustainability and reducing our corporate footprint, our goals are to:

Continue to expand our positive social impact across Manchester and the North West

Reduce our environmental impact each year

Become a carbon negative organisation

Reduce our carbon footprint to net-zero before 2038

Empower our suppliers and partners to share the same policies

Our Founders

Our origins are within the public sector. We saw how industry needed to change, to modernise, be proactive and deliver on their promise.

BigByte Digital was formed because we truly care about achieving the best outcome for your organisation.




Dom has over 15 years of experience engineering software solutions and leading public sector teams from two, to hundreds of people.

Dom's driver for founding BigByte Digital was his absolute commitment to building better public services and the belief that everyone should feel happy, safe and empowered to be the best version of themselves.

Dom's passion for social value, sustainability and agile development have seen him give talks to hundreds of people at conferences, mentor dozens of budding entrepreneurs in Manchester, and coach several tech startups through challenging growth.

Dom has architected £multi-million budget digital solutions, blending teams across multiple public sector organisations which have impacted millions of people. He has successfully delivered complex security focussed products from big-data Cloud and on-prem enterprise software solutions; to globally deployed software and hardware platforms in harsh and constrained environments.

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Sam has over a decade of experience building web applications, mobile apps and end-to-end systems across non-profit, government and private sectors. Having led teams of all sizes and stages of career, Sam has always believed that a people-focussed approach to technology can lead to the best results.

At BigByte, Sam aims to help deliver better software, sooner, solving tough customer problems and adding significant business value.

As a passionate supporter of workplace diversity and inclusion, as well as the guiding belief that a team works best when it represents the people it serves and builds for, Sam strives to make BigByte a happy, supportive place to work for and with.

Based in Manchester, Sam has led numerous new initiatives aiming at providing real social value to tech startups ups and charities across the region and counts it as among his most rewarding work so far.




David is passionate about digital delivery and building high-performing teams that are excited to come to work.

Having worked in digital delivery in the public sector for several years, David understands what it’s like to work with industry and what makes a strong and enduring partnership.

Throughout his time in the public sector, David has formed many specialist software engineering teams to deliver a range of technical requirements. From quick turnaround projects to the delivery of multi-year digital systems, customer engagement and collaboration is at the heart of David’s approach.

Prior to working in the public sector, David spent seven years in the Royal Marines and UK Special Operations. He also holds a first-class bachelor’s degree in business and a master’s degree in international security from the University of Bristol.

Why us?

We have been on the other side of the table awarding digital contracts, we know first-hand how challenging it can be to find the right industry partners and trust them to share your priorities.

You find yourself asking:

  • Are they the right supplier for the job?

  • Will they be able to understand our requirements and facilitate new opportunities?

  • Will they help us solve the problems we don't know we have yet?

  • Will they be flexible on initial scope to ensure they prioritise great digital services over strict specifications?

  • Will they have our best interest at heart?

  • Will they be honest about risks and issues?

  • Will we get what was promised within budget?

  • Will they prioritise to meet our deadlines and be candid when they can't?

  • Will they work well with our teams?

Yes! BigByte Digital’s and are a product of years of experience and choices which give us the confidence to say yes to all of these questions.

We operate with integrity, and we pride ourselves on bringing our customers along for the full duration. To us, this means constantly thinking about our customers’ requirements from their perspective and working with them to solve their problem, on time, and within budget.

BigByte Digital are Cyber Essentials Certified
ISO 9001 Certified

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