Our tried and tested approach sets us apart when solving your organisation's challenges.

The BigByte Digital team demonstrates our in everything we do. We share our wealth of experience leading and developing teams to tackle the most complex technical challenges.

By this ethos, we continually improve and evolve our approach to meet new challenges.

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You focus on running your organisation while we get to know you and your users' needs in intimate detail. The discovery phase is necessary to set the foundations and create a clear vision for the product.

Discovery is a multi-stage process where we analyse the problem completely. We explore your organisation, study your users, seek domain knowledge, dissect policy, ask the right questions, compare existing solutions and assess technologies.

Your constant feedback and input at discovery and throughout product development ensures we can make micro-adjustments to the proposal as its being designed. Speeding up the feedback loop ensures you get exactly what you and your customers need quickly, with no waste.

A dive deep into your organisation allows us to understand your challenges, opportunities, culture and teams through data and metrics.

There is no set length of time for discovery - it can be hours or days for rapid prototypes or several weeks for more complex projects with additional risk, dependencies or unknowns.

Proposal & Roadmap

We use our expertise to design the perfect solution sculpted to your problem, timescales, budget and organisation.

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We collate requirements, assign priorities, set goals, agree a definition of success and estimate costs. Importantly, we create an achievable, comprehensive roadmap and design that describes how the product will evolve from idea to live and support.

We adapt our approach to the size of your teams from one person startups to thousands strong government organisations.

By working closely with you and understanding your goals, our solutions architects will propose a range of options to suit every budget and make recommendations for technologies and services.

Design and rapid prototyping

We produce visual designs and prototype our assumptions to minimise risk and develop the right solution.

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We continue to iterate and design throughout development, creating a constant feedback loop. We take your users and stakeholders on the journey with us to make manageable, rapid and incremental improvements. We pride ourselves on continuously delivering production value to your users as quickly as possible and make constant adjustments to our design based on real user feedback and metrics.

We work closely with your people and embrace collaboration. We run rapid cycles of developing, testing and improving, while offloading our knowledge into your teams so they grow and develop alongside us for lasting impact and understanding.

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Iterative development

We embrace principles to take iterative steps in solving problems and developing software.

Our approach enables us to achieve maximum value for our customers and minimise risk. Software is developed in manageable phases while constantly seeking criticism, feedback and improvement.

Each phase, or sprint, is often measured in a few short weeks. Achievable goals promote attention to detail and a focus on delivering valuable software to users quickly. You will see rapid progress on roadmap milestones.

Automation, thorough testing, continuous releases and accurate monitoring ensure we maintain quality and security with rapid delivery.

By taking advantage of practices, tools and techniques we drastically reduce the time between features being designed, developed and delivered live to users.

As Agile and Lean experts, BigByte Digital coach organisations to improve their own processes through our experience.

Continuous Releases

While continually releasing incremental, daily updates, we create user focussed releases for features and whole product milestones. Each going through Alpha, Beta and Live phases.

Alpha releases allow us to test assumptions, reduce risk and gain alignment by prototyping ideas and features. It must be the minimum viable output to reduce unknowns and be rapid; do not expect it to last.

Beta is a phase of constant development and refinement of features, which might be successful ideas or decisions from Alpha. We continuously build and release features to subsets of your users and collect metrics and feedback. Products and features in Beta are scaled and refined to onboard users until we are confident the product meets high standards of quality.

Software is never 'done', it must be nurtured.

Live is a phase of continuous incremental improvement to ensure a product is operated sustainably, securely and effectively until it is no longer needed by users. Metrics and user feedback lead feature updates and constant security patches are a necessity. Improvements receive the same rigorous quality assurance testing and resilience expectations of other phases.

People and Product

We train, coach and inspire your people through positive, incremental change to ensure your teams are a key part of your journey to sustainable digital transformation.

We celebrate our success when you don't rely on us anymore, but we're always here to support you in your future challenges.

Agile and lean in everything we do

We believe in it so much, we want you to be great at it too.

Our respect for people and continuous pursuit of knowledge, quality and optimisation is fundamental to Agile and Lean principles, and BigByte Digital.

By embodying agile, lean and devops principles and coaching your organisation we can make the impactful, long-lasting improvements which become part of your organisational culture.

BigByte Digital's approach to iterative agile development stages

Short, manageable goals and milestones ensure our developers build only what you need to gather feedback, understand the user and adjust priorities for the next iteration.

Each iteration encourages more focused discovery, design, development and testing for rapid releases to your users.

Lean principles allow us to move fast and shed waste by continuously adjusting and re-focusing on customer value, quality and product alignment.

It ensures the right decisions are made at exactly the right time and promotes full analysis of requirements and decisions before progressing.

Agile development is a culture and set of principles to encourage iterative improvement, maximise user value, minimise waste and pursue perfection. Born from the and Agile triggered a revolution in the Software Industry.

Agile is an absolute necessity of building successful modern software in ever-evolving environments where solutions to organisational problems are increasingly complex and requirements, and users, constantly change. Agile teaches us all to rapidly adjust for scope change, not avoid it

Software has become an integral component of every organisation and our approach to developing it must evolve as rapidly as the world around it. it is no longer feasible to predict every possible micro-adjustment to multi-year project plans when there are countless unknowns, complex decisions and constant changes.

DevOps is a blend of tools, practices and culture which enable organisations to deliver services at a higher velocity with drastically increased security, quality and reliability. Organisations can drastically reduce waste and time to market through continuous development and release cycles where they can obtain crucial feedback from real users quickly.

Shared ownership, automation, and rapid feedback bring developers closer to operations which encourages accountability for outcomes and helps discover process efficiencies.

DevOps, lean and agile principles form a perfect symbiosis to better serve your users and develop high quality software.

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